Model T-77 - Wettable Powder



A wettable powder concentrate of a beneficial aerial Trichoderma atroviride strain for protection of pruning wounds and diseases like Botrytis. T-77 can be sprayed and is effective against Botrytis on leaves, flowers and fruits. In the same way pruning wounds on grapevines and other fruit trees are protected against the entrance of pathogens.

Against Wood pathogens like Eutypa lata and disease like Botrytis and Sclerotinia
Mode of action Colonizes damaged or senescing plant tissues and prevents pathogen infection
Active ingredient Trichoderma atroviride strain 77B
Formulation type Wettable powder
Concentration > 2.5 × 109 spores/g
Standard dosage 1 g/2 l water for a full cover spray, directed spray on pruning wounds, or via pruning shears with a dripper attachment

  • Efficient Botrytis control (leaves, flowers and fruit)
  • Fewer plant losses resulting from wood rot pathogens
  • Vineyard’s productive life is extended as a result of disease prevention (e.g. Eutypa).
  • No residues and no withholding period after application
  • Ideal for Integrated Pest Management programs

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