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Model TYD 1200 - Multi Purpose Mobile Thresher



Tekyataganlı brand, hoppered type multi purppose harveester makes straw from the harvested stam and makes the stam in to straw. With the duty a help and causes a clean grain stockage. Grains like wheat, barkey oat etc. And legumes like beans ,broad beans, Chickpeas and lentils can be chopped by chancing of , just a few apparatuses . It collects the crops into its hopper if the crops must bagged you will be able to bag them and also because of its own hydraulic lifting system you can deliver teh crops which are collected in to a hopper to a trailer. The straw is blown to tractor pulled at the back of the hoppered type multi purpose harvester the new type has been designed on the base of working in mobile conditions while it is chopping the product has the ability of delivering the cleaned grain in to its hopper so there is no need for collecting the harvested stam to gether and work it out stationarely it now saves from labour and more important from time.

  • Total Length 6200 mm
  • Width 2200 mm
  • Height 3250 mm
  • Weight 2525 kg
  • Feeding Mouth Width 1200 mm
  • Bater Finger Units 44
  • Bater Sieve Diameter 14....17 mm
  • Tire Dimensions 750x16
  • Working Capacity 1350-1700

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