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Model UH 3744 - Four Row Trailed Potato Planter



The UH 3744 is a four-row trailed planter. With its mechanical drive (using a large wheel) and the big 3,500 kg seed potato bunker capacity, this planter is a true workhorse! It is available for all inter row distances (75-90 cm). When describing the UH 3744, simplicity and capacity are keywords. When planting potatoes, the main advantage of a trailed machine besides the weight distribution is the fact that the user can also combine the machine with tilling equipment, such as the specially designed AVR GE-Force C ridge cultivator, the basic AVR GE-Force and with other brands. Your tractor also needs less lifting power!

At the back, the machine is supported by two large wheels (11.2 x 28”). The planting depth can be adjusted using one central cylinder on the drawbar. By default the machine is equipped with a fixed furrow plough and discs behind the planting elements to cover the potatoes. Planting distances from 10 to 60 cm are possible (to be set manually, cf. mechanical drive).

  • Very robust machine.
  • Fertilizer unit always available (capacity of 1.8 m³ (4-row).
  • Soil opener available in heavy duty version.
  • Adjustable planting element for larger seed potatoes.
  • Bunker capacity of 3.5 tons (4x75).

UH 3744, mechanical drive

  • 2 wheels 11.2 x 28', floating furrow openers (per row)
  • Depth control via mechanical adjustment on drawbar
  • Cup belts Ø 82 mm, mechanic belt agitation
  • Planting units with large diameter drive roller Ø 260 mm
  • Roller discs, hydraulic hopper, capacity 3500 kgs
  • Hydraulic raising / lowering of machine
  • Hydraulic double acting track markers, operated together with lifting / lowering or the machine

Ceres 450, hydraulical drive

  • 4 Wheels 300/70R20
  • Hydraulic braked axles + handbrake
  • Steered axles (+/- 15 °) - left / right connected with tie rod
  • Drawbar hydraulic up / down - mechanical adjustment
  • Hydraulic jack foot under drawbar
  • Towing eye 50mm (2 positions)
  • Machine hydraulically up / down (wheels)
  • Hydraulic drive planting element (1 hydromotor)
  • 4 Planting elements with large driving drum (Ø 270mm), small pulley (Ø 60mm), for precise planting at high speed
  • 40 Cups in each planting element (2 x 20) (Ø 30-60mm)
  • Movable floor, driven by planting element, 2 settings (can be disconnected per row)
  • Electric agitator on the cup belts, adjustable from the cab
  • Detection empty cups + hectare counter
  • Mechanical disconnection by single planting element
  • Parallelogram with fixed furrow openers, with 2 depth wheels
  • Width adjustable smooth covering discs, with scrapers, spring loaded (Ø 450mm)
  • Hydraulic hopper, capacity 3500 kg
  • Intuitive touchscreen for operation and joystick
  • Road lights + red and white striped plates

UH3744 mechanical drive

  • Soil openers in parallelogram (with or without depth control wheel).
  • HD soil openers with shock absorber.
  • 1.8 m³ fertilizer unit.
  • Spray-track kit.
  • Hydraulic markers.
  • Planting cups for different sizes.

Ceres 450 hydraulical drive


  • Swan neck drawbar i.o std (mechanical jack)
  • Preparation for combination with GE Force C: drawbar with PTO
  • Valve block for control: full field plate / hydraulic hood cleaning / Cultiset
  • Ball coupling 80 mm instead of std.

Furrow openers

  • Single track erasers with stone protection
  • Double track erasers with stone protection
  • Scalloped covering discs Ø 450mm instead of standard
  • Wear parts in front of furrow openers

Planting element

  • Cups Ø 40-80mm instead of 30-60mm 
  • Insert cups Ø 30-60mm for cups 40-80mm
  • Insert cups Ø 25-40mm for cups 30-60mm
  • 4 Additional cup belts Ø 40-80mm
  • 4 Additional cup belts Ø 30-60mm

Drive + hopper

  • Electric disconnection element for planting element on row 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
  • Automatic hopper with 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • Extension plates for bunker (easier to fill) (4x75) (widening to 2m85)

Ridging hood

  • Ridging hood with 3 sub soiling tines, 2 deflector tines right and left, High Speed parts spherical or straight (top 17,5cm), track erasers. Hydraulic pressure control with accumulator (and pressure gauge)
  • Ridging hood with 3 sub soiling tines, 2 deflector tines right and left, High Speed parts straight (top 22,5cm), track erasers. Hydraulic pressure control with accumulator (and pressure gauge)
  • Ridging ploughs, suspended in parallelogram, hydraulic pressure control, mechanical adjustable in depth and width
  • Lattice rollers (not without ridging ploughs)
  • PDC, Proportional Distance Control: automatic ridging hood/ridging ploughs control with 2 ultrasonic sensors
  • Hydraulic spray track tracer on ridging hood/ridging ploughs-lattice rollers

Comfort options:

  • 9.0' TFT screen (up to 4 cameras)
  • Color camera with integrated LEDs for pure image, (per piece)
  • LED work lights: 2 pieces

General Options

  • Stabilising discs left and right from the machine for slope stabilising, hydraulically adjustable in height, spring mounted
  • CultiControl: angle sensor on drawbar and on full field plate GE Force C in order to maintain the working depth
  • Hydraulic markers with discs

Crop protection / fertiliser

  • Granular applicator (touch screen controlled)
  • Powdering units with electrical drive
  • Motor for granular applicator + speed dependent flow rate (mounting of other granular or fertiliser applicator)
  • Spray kit device: 2 tanks of 300 L, quick hitch, pump, filter. Touch screen controlled: electric main valve on/off, four electrical sections on/off, pressure. Flow rate speed dependent. 
  • Spray ready kit: 3 nozzles per row, hoses to the front of the potato planter
  • Spray ready kit: 2 nozzles per row, hoses to the front of the potato planter
  • Actuation peristaltic pump: flow rate speed dependent. 
  • Actuation peristaltic pump 2: flow rate speed dependent. 


  • GPS preparation in order to work with the GPS signal: controller and wiring harness. Control of electrical disconnection row 1,2,3,4: planting element, electric agitation system and spray nozzles, spray track (if options fitted). Please get in touch with your GPS supplier in order to see if you need any additional GPS module, section control not standard on GPS system!

Anti erosion system

Anti erosion system (fitted on ridging hood)

  • Hydraulic system consisting of 5 up and down moving paddles
  • Speed adjustable in Ceres touchscreen
  • Spring crumble tines in ridging hood
  • Frame adjustable in height
  • Hydraulic folding frame when not in use. Hydraulic shock absorber

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