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Agroremmash - Spetstehnika

Model UT60 - Innovative Multi-Purpose Catarpillar Tractor


Innovative multi-purpose catarpillar for work in vineyards, gardens, forestry and city service. 60 UT evo possess universality and the compact sizes that allows it to work as all types of the equipment in narrow row-spacings and at a high slope. In UT of 60 evo very important feature is its driving universality as the tractor can cope from a driver's seat or the driver can go nearby operating a tractor. Management is carried out by one joystick and provides full safety as the driver isn't adhered in any way to driver's sitting. It is very important in narrow to passes and on abrupt slopes, for maneuver the driver can rise near a tractor in safe situation. UT of 60 Evo can will be developed on 360 degrees in extremely narrow space where more enormous equipment can move only directly.

Special highly effective hydraulic transmission always provides the maximum torque that allows the car to work at difficult soils (a friable stone, gravel, soft soil etc.) or for equipment towage.

PTO with a mechanical drive works from transmission and the electromagnetic coupling; Thus all power of the engine is available.

The sizes see.

Length 187
Tracks width 84
Width on tracks 75
Sitting of the driver at height from the earth 92

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