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Model WPS - Body Swap System



Exploit your HAWE running gear to the full with year-round utilisation of different original trailer bodies. The following body-swaps are available for tandem and tridem running gear with mechanical or hydraulic suspension systems: Silage trailers/large-volume silage transport trailers SLW-A. Universal spreaders DST-A. Farmyard manure spreaders DST – SW-A. Dumper trailers series MK-A. Cargo push-off series CSW-A. Grain field transfer ULW-A. Beet field transfer RUW-A. Please see the appropriate pages of this HAWE website for the specifications of the different systems.

  • Optimal exploitation of the high quality tandem and tridem running gear with several bodyworks attached through the year
  • In this way costs are reduced
  • Rapid exchange of bodies through the twist-lock system and exchange made easier because most bodies have inbuilt drives
  • More operational planning flexibility for contractors and large farms
  • A large selection of high performance, solidly constructed trailer bodies
  • Running gear with hydraulic suspension eases body exchange because the suspension controls allow rapid lowering and raising of chassis

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