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Sulky Burel

Model XEOS TF - Front Hopper



In the spring, the Front Hopper goes to work on drilling fertilisation in tandem with your precision seed drill. For your spring cereal drilling operations, the TF is combined with a power harrow and a choice of drilling toolbar, Suffolk coulter, Unidisc or Cultidisc depending on your conditions. After harvesting and at the start of the autumn, the TF puts in considerable work with record site application rates linked with with the Kronos drilling line. And finally, in end of the summer dry conditions, for late drilling after the beet harvest or in extremely damp conditions, the TF in tandem with the PRO drilling toolbar lets you drill when others can’t.

Metering: simple but cutting-edge performance!

Universal metering unit: sows all seed types from OSR to beans without changing the splines; changing from small to large seeds is done through clutching and only takes a few seconds. 100% Sulky technology, the metering unit provides record-breaking performance: from 1 to 450 Kg/ha at 8 km/h for wheat.

Accessibility and ergonomics: all adjustments have been centralised around the metering unit for rapid calibration testing without disassembly; complete emptying of the hopper only takes a matter of seconds thanks to an ingeniously placed flap.

More air: all XEOS models have a slow-speed 6-inch extra-large fan. Silent and producing large volumes of air, it is fitted with a large diameter air intake with air deflection (an option on the XEOS MD). Objective: ensure that seeds always hit their target whatever the size and whatever the quantity! The hydraulic drive (optional on XEOS MD) makes operation more convenient.

The most effective drilling system on the market

From early drilling operations in dry conditions to late season in the wet, the Xeos PRO puts you in control of quality drilling.

Up to 80 kg of individual pressure: ideal for working dry land, deep drilling such as for beans or for operating at faster forward speeds.

Large notched disc (410 mm) with integrated press wheel: drilling toolbar with aggressive attack angle and seed consolidation for all types of seeds, from rapeseed to conservation tillage of beans.

To ensure consistent depth and firming for each row, the CULTIDISC coulter units are all exactly the same length: exceptional “anti-clogging” clearance: 560 mm between rows!

UNIDISC: Greater versatility and depth control

UNIDISC drilling system uses large diameter discs; with 30 kg down pressure on each disc. This makes it possible for you to move easily through plant debris and so advance at a faster pace.

  • Zero bounce with small seeds thanks to an air vent (exclusive to SULKY), this vent “shuts off” the air flow just before the drill coulter so that the seed falls under its own gravity.
  • A tough coulter disc: the central double-lane ball bearings, boron-treated forged steel disc and extra-hard cast-iron seed coulter means that the UNIDISC will last a long time.
  1. Double-lane ball bearing
  2. “Double-effect” spring placed above the seed drill arm
  3. Extra rigid seed drill arm in Ø 43 mm elbow tubing
  4. New drill coulter with integrated depth control: also provides internal self-cleaning for the disc
  5. Anti-clogging system valve (anti-obstruction)
  6. The rounded disc/seed coulter assembly forms a V-shape comparable to the head of a Suffolk coulter. It makes it possible to deposit seeds at the depth you want
  7. The new angle of attack (5.5°) provides the disc with good driveability, even in loose soil
UNISOC 3R drilling system
  • The UNISOC 3R drilling system uses Suffolk coulters on 3 identical rows: it gives 330 mm clearence between each row.
  • With this drilling system you can sow on ploughed or carefully tilled gound thanks to its ability to remove large volumes of plant debris, even with narrow inter-row spacing.
  • On the standard model, the depth pressure is adjusted with a central, graduated control; a hydraulic pressure kit is available as an option.
  • The highly resistant cast iron coulter stems, the anti-clogging flap for drilling on ploughed soil and the “anti-pat-down” device (pressure mounted spring) mean that the UNISOC 3R standard drill is a “sound investment”.
  1. Small seeds at surface level

    Shallow drilling or drilling on very loose soil: you can finely adjust your depth pressure, if necessary to   complete release (“0” kg of pressure) of the weight of the UNISOC coulter unit!

  2. Large seeds at desired depth

    Deep drilling or increased forward speeds: you have high pressure up to 20 kg from the UNISOC at your fingertips.

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