RCM srl

RCM srl

Model ZG-ZGL - Row Cultivator



The row cultivator is used in all kinds of vineyards, including older plantations, perfectly eliminating infesting grasses and loosening up the soil thanks to the extraodinary versatility of its movements.

It is possible to adjust the inclination of the rotors and their depth of penetration, and it is also possible to quickly move sideways on chromium-plated bars, all directly from the tractor.

Its special technology, trims, versatile adjustments and careful testing process directly in vineyards, make it unique and unbeatable for every kind of land.

The machine guarantees the absolute elimination of dips and bumos in the area between the rows of vines, obtaining level and even ground.

Its exceptional strenght, due to the careful selection of all its components, and its compactness, which makes it practical for use in even the narrowest spaces. These qualities guarantee the operator safe and lasting use, even in particular hostile conditions.

To satisfy all requirements, our machines can be supplied with manual or automatic movement, and can be fitted to order with block valves pistons regulating inclination and depth.

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