Model ZS 200 M4 - Two Disc Spreader



Thanks to its design and functionality, the ZS 200 M4 is a competitively-priced and exact alternative for cultivating intercrops (greening), grass reseeding, spreading slug pellets (up to 30 m), nurse crops and sowing on fallow land. This is because it can perform sowing and tilling operations in a single process.


  • Cultivating intercrops (Greening)
  • Grass reseeding
  • Cultivationg slug pellets
  • Nurse crops
  • Sowing on fallow land

Working width
1 - 31 m (with Metarex slug pellets)

Dimensions (with safety bar) .
H 85 cm, W 105 cm, D 70 cm

Seed tank
Plastic tank with 200 l capacity

Net weight .
50 kg

Power data
12 V/40 A


  • Electric control box 4.6 with steel bracket, mountable in the driver‘s cab
  • Complete spreader with 2 electrically driven spreader discs, each with 2 throw blades
  • 2 guide plates, upper linkage mounting mechanism and counter plate
  • All required cables: 8 m cable to supply power from the battery to the control unit, 6 m resp. 15 m cable from the control unit to the spreading unit - Specify the required cable length (7-15 m) and it will be cut and mounted.
  • Calibration bag & seed scales
  • Safety bar


  • Electronically adjustable sowing rate
  • RPM monitoring and control, which helps to keep the RPM constant
  • Area calculation
  • Soft start motor for compacted scatter material
  • Operating-voltage meter and operating hours counter
  • Choice of different languages
  • Fenceline spreading
  • Discharge function
  • Calibration-test function

The spreader discs are driven by two 12 V electric motors, and can be conveniently operated from the driver‘s seat, via the electric control box.

Thanks to the ability to continuously adjust the flow of scatter material with the electric metering slide valve, the right quantity of any seed is always guaranteed.

Truck bed mounting bracket
Power supply APP (8 m long) (power supply cable for additional tractor vehicle)

Our twin-disc spreader ZS 200 M3 was subjected to a spreader test with slug pellets in the end of April 2013.
The test took place at the SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd institute, the UK's biggest and most respected calibration and testing company, in Staffordshire (GB). The following spreads were tested: 12 m, 24 m, and 30 m. The spreader test was performed at a speed of 10 km / h on a grass field.scs logo Our ZS 200 M3 was mounted in front on a Case MX100 tractor. With three different types of pellets was tested: Sluxx, Attract and Lynx H. Test results show that our ZS 200 M3 reach very good spreading results. Convince yourself of the excellent method of operation of our twin-disc.

  • Precise slider guide through linear slide
  • Large cable cross-section and new aluminum housing for optimum power control
  • Contact point adjustment for optimum scatter distribution
  • 2 broad throw blades per spreader disc
  • 15° inclined spreader disc
  • Spreading width adjustment while driving
  • Seed volume adjustment while driving
  • External agitator: no grinding the seed into powder!
  • Two hopper discharge points
  • Fenceline spreading function
  • Symmetrical scatter distribution

  • Tractor, pick-up (single pass)
  • Tillage implements
  • Weeders, tractors, harrows

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