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Model MO - Horizontal Mixer



The horizontal mixer consists of a sheet steel case, with pressed and calendered, externally reinforced with profiles. The heads, which are also made of steel sheet reinforced with vertically profiled, are connected to the case by bolting. The reel of the mixer is constituted by two concentric helices of different diameters and to the contrary, mounted on the central axis. The latter is obtained by the working of a full round steel C40, on which subsequently the bearings will be installed. Plain cover bolted with dust seals and doors equipped with electric grills and safeties rispettanti all accident prevention rules. The riduttoreviene mounted on the central axis and fixed by clamping appropriate, also to avoid misalignment of the shaft applies a torque arm attached to the body of the machine, which ensures proper operation. The transmission of the motion between the motor and gear unit is by means of pulleys and belts protected by a casing.

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