- Model 250 F1 - Felling Head with Knive Cut



Lightweight And Versatile; Small and nimble head. Excellent loading -> Also works well in combi use. Great delimbing opening (102cm) to facilitate the loading of the collection, as well as twigs. Big feeding power (17kN) and speed (5m/s) rate for size class. Short grapple body is good when feeding complex trees. Accumulation capacity can be increased with extra accumulation kit.

Recommended base machines:

  • Forwarders (light / medium)
  • Harvesters (light)
  • Excavators (light)


  • Stump Treatment
  • Rotator Control

  • Optimum tree size : 5-20cm
  • Delimbing tip to tip : 30cm
  • Cutting diameter : 25cm with knives (
  • Feeding speed : 5 m/s
  • Feeding force : 17 kN
  • Delimbing knives open : 102cm
  • Feed rollers open : 35cm
  • Frame height : 80cm
  • Weight : 480kg

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