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End of discussion in Humic&Fluvic acid fertilezers. MOL sp, fully organic (plant residues), if applicated on soil it shows animal manure advantages. MOL sp, on soil; Increases water – holding capacity. Encouraging uptake of NPK. Stimulates root and soil microorganisms growth. Mobilizes trace – elements like Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu. Ensures that the plant gets phosphorus.

MOL sp, Micro filtred, %100 melting feature and can be easily applied with drip irrigation, sprinker irrigation, and keel irrigation systems.

MOL sp, When applicated on soil; ;

  • Allows to intake trace elements
  • Makes the connected phosphorus favorable
  • Decreases salitiny
  • Increases soils water hold capacity
  • Fixes soils structure
  • Stimulates perfect root growth

MOL sp, right application of MOL; savings in the use of other fertilizers. Because MOL encourages uptake of plant nutritions and carries them for plant growth to the required parts. 

By the trials of our company; Applications of ferrous with MOL, maximum effiency of ferrous fertilizers and a %15 rate of yield has been noted. 

MOL sp , on foliar applications;

  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Encourages the formation of chlorophyll and photosynthesis
  • Accelerates respiration of the plant
  • Earliness and quality of the product increases.

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