- Steel End Dump



In two configurations: Frameless end dump and Quarter frame (wheels on the ground throughout the dump cycle). HilBilt's Mongoose is built for the toughest hauling jobs others avoid. Whether it's the toughest loads like heavy demolition, rip-rap or hauling shot rock, the Mongoose's abrasion and impact resistant T-1 steel body has proven its mettle under the most difficult of conditions. The Mongoose steel body is offered in 3/16, % and 5/16-inch T-1 to fit your exact application.

The Mongoose is offered with three tailgate configurations:

  • The standard tailgate with top hinges
  • The single, barn-door tailgate with hinges on one side
  • The double barn-door tailgate with hinges at the top and on one side.

The upper tailgate hinge arm is of T-1 steel plate, with hinge bushings heat-treated to T-1 hardness. All three configurations give you the toughness and durability you expect with Mongoose.

Mongoose's Hi-Dump configuration
A Hi-Dump configured Mongoose is also offered. The combination of a compression arm connecting the draft arms to the suspension sub-frame and 'all wheels on the ground' makes the Hi-Dump the ultimate in stability.

The hinge at the rear of the body ensures high dumping clearance from body to ground. Loads shed more easily and stock pile height is improved. The rear hinge makes it possible to effectively dump into an asphalt paving machine, greatly increasing the versatility of the trailer.

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