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- High Tenacity Bonded Sewing Thread



Bonderized polyamide sewing thread High Tenacity. It is a sewing thread which is exposed to the chemical treatment bonderization through which is possible to obtain a single end yarn. The bonderization process increases the yarn resistance to heat, UV rays and abrasion, making it particularly recommended for any kind of heavy seam that are exposed to a very strong stress. It's available in two versions: Monobond and Tenaxbond.

Polyamide High Tenacity, twisted at unique body, bonderized, studied for different exigencies of sewing in the field of sportswear, leather-goods, quilted furniture and technical articles.

Polyamide High Tenacity, twisted at three ends, bonderized, with excellent resistance and seal; suitable for the sewing of footwear, both sports and safety, protective suits, technical articles, quilted furniture and mattresses.

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