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The Monostar gerbera bunching machine is designed for automatic sorting and bunching of “mini” gerbera’s. The Monostar sorts the gerbera’s on 2 specific details. The length of the stem and the surface of the flower. If the gerbera doesn’t fit in the margins which are programmed, then the gerbera will dropped out of the main stream. The Monostar can bunch the gerbera’s in a lot of number of stems. For example 5 or 25 stems in a bunch. The Monostar is designed in modules , which makes it an machine what fits in every situation. The Monostar modules are:

  • In feed module
  • Separator module
  • Gripper chain per meter
  • UV or Liquid seal zone
  • Inspection module where the cameras are installed
  • Drop of points (1-5 pieces)
  • Plant garbage belt
  • Bunching belt per meter
  • Elastic binders(1-4 pieces)

Main Specifications
Operating speed: 10.800 positions a hour
Effective capacity: 7.000 – 9.000 stems a hour

For more information or the status of this project, please contact one of the following persons.
Mark Fikkers, 06 290 17 086
Joris van Kessel, 06 413 70 868

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