Model Monsoon - Compact Emitter



The Monsoon is a compact emitter specially developed for agricultural applications. It employs a wide flowpath cross-section and up to three separate filter entrances which combine to create an effective, efficient dripper with excellent clogging resistance.

The Omniflow Advantage
The Monsoon emitter employs the patented Omniflow labyrinth which ensures consistent turbulence throughout the entire flowpath, reducing settling of suspended solids in the water.

Extra Filtration
Monsoon has up to three separate filters, which has several benefits. Filters are on opposing sides to ensure that at least one of the filters will not be in the undesirable downward position regardless of dripper orientation in the pipe. The filters are also on opposing ends of the dripper so that at least one filter is always near the upstream end of the emitter, which has anti-clogging benefits.

Large Labyrinth
Monsoon’s labyrinth has a large cross-sectional area which reduces the risk of clogging.

The Monsoon dripper is injection molded with 100% premium virgin polyethylene and additives for resistance to UV degradation and damage caused from commonly used chemicals and fertilizers.

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