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Monster Root Grapple


We boast the largest loading capacity of any root grapple on the market with this enormous skid steer attachment. You would think that it was produced for backhoes or trackhoes, but it’s design came about due to the increasing horsepower of skid steer loaders. This one is recommended for 75 horsepower skid steers or above. It’s constructed of ½” top quality steel plate. (60,000 psi) Opened, the distance from tine to tine measures a whopping 52”. Depth from inside front to back is 47”. The framing of this monster root grapple consists of 4” x 4” tubing and 3” pipe. Don’t let that extra HP go to waste and get the most out of the skid steer’s lifting capacity.


Available in 4 sizes: 72”, 78”, 84”. and 96”.

Bore - 2'
Stroke - 10'
Pins - 1.25'

Spacings - 8.5'-9'
Thickness - .5'-4'
Material - .5'
60,000 psi min.

Opening width - 51.298'
Material - .5'
60,000 psi min.

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