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Model Monsun Series - Irrigation Machines



The Monsun series has always been leading in terms of quality and innovation. From 1982, the first Ø 110 mm – 500 m PE-pipes, the double-axle chassis and the electronic retraction control were introduced with Monsun. Since then, Monsun has conquered the market for large-type machinery and has developed to be a forerunner establishing benchmarks in the irrigation industry. For the season of 2008, the new Super range again sets milestones in terms of pipe dimensions. The new Ø 135 mm pipe allows for irrigation outputs of 120 m³/h and more. Pressure requirements can be significantly decreased and irrigation areas increased by far.

  • Robust V-frame with front jack and attachment for tractor bar
  • Portal axles with 4-fold tyres 11.5 – 15, variable track adjustment 1.80 – 2.25 m
  • From Monsun 3500 Super optionally available:
    • 2 axles with 4-fold tyres 12.5 – 18 or
    • 3 axles with 6-fold tyres 11.5 - 15
  • Hydraulic trolley lifting device with manual pump or control valve
  • Mechanical rear jacks
  • Robust drum, smooth interior
  • Drive via
    • BEINLICH freewheel turbine, front-mounted
    • BEINLICH oil bath angular drive, V-belt reduction
    • frontal pto shaft connection
    • Drive via outer drum wheel on both sides
    • Drum freewheel brake and backstop
    • Electronic 2 KR type regulation with solar panel and 12V battery in water-tight, lockable cabinet
  • Underpressure and overpressure shut-off, slowly closing via gate valve control
  • Mechanical end and safety shut-off
  • Punkt blauMachine tubing 4“, galvanized
  • Galvanized storage tray at front
  • Special PE-pipe in EGEPLAST quality, lustre finish
  • Spindel shafts- Winding device
  • Mechanical guiding arm for PE-pipe positioning
  • 3-wheel gun trolley type 100, track adjustable between 1.50 m – 2.25 m incl. ground anchor and 1 weight block (for drive-through machine)
    • Trolley tubing galvanized
  • Sime rain-gun with nozzle set
    • Ranger for PE-pipe Ø 100 - 125 mm, nozzles 20 – 34 mm
    • Explorer for PE-pipe Ø 140 mm
  • Flat hose 6.5 m Ø 102 mm
  • Riser with elastic steel connection clamp for installation of 3“ water meter or liquid manure feed
  • Pressure manometer on the machine
  • Protective machine cover

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