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Morbida Milkline is a herringbone milking parlour which allows the combination of modern milking technology with high performance and low investment costs. Milkline herringbone milking parlours are available in three types: 30° side milking, 60° and, 70° rear milking. Due to their shape and layout, the 60° and 70° parlours are ideal for implementing a pre-existing parlour or for enhancing the use of the spaces. The milking stalls structure allows a “natural” positioning of the animals within the milking stall. The sloped floor of the milking stall does not affect the cow traffic, which is well-ordered and regular.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • operator comfort and safety
  • excellent control of all cows during milking
  • time saving
  • maximum yield at an adequate cost of investment

Standard structure:

  • sturdy and effective system, made from top quality materials
  • hot-dip galvanized steel structure
  • stainless steel pit edge protection
  • automatic Teat Cup Removers (TCRs)

In order to make milking even more comfortable and efficient, Milkline proposes:

  • suspended (elevated) carpentry (to simplify the milking parlour cleaning and the animal comfort)
  • pneumatic gates
  • tipping frontal gates (for an immediate cattle release)
  • stainless steel rear cabinets to keep the components (Morbida 60°, 70°)
  • “Milpro P4C” - advanced milking monitoring system
  • “Milcon” - herd management system
  • “Clean-o-Tronic” - automatic cleaning system

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