- Model NI - Antifouling Coating for Aquaculture Nets



NetKem antifouling - best against fouling, best for the environment. MøreNot chose NetKem as a business partner based on the company's many years of experience and extensive test programme. Netwax water-based net antifouling is an environmentally-friendly alternative for combating marine fouling on nets.

Netwax NI 3
Standard antifouling with copper
The most frequently used in Norway over the years.

Netwax NI 4
A stronger version of NI 3

Netwax Gold
Specially adapted copper content. Our best antifouling to date. Extremely effective against mussels.

Netwax T4 Antibite
A special product that reduces biting by fish.

Netrex AF
As NI 3 - with approval also in Canada

Netpolish NP Super
For organic fish farming. Protects nets and extend their lifetime.
NetKem's products and antifouling programme ensure that the antifouling lasts longer - under all conditions. This contributes positively to the economic operation on the farm.

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