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MøreNot uses only high quality filament from approved suppliers. We set high standards for UV protection in the raw materials, while the entire production process, from the filament to the finished netting, is monitored by the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008. The constant high quality can be documented and there is full traceability back to each filament used.

Stable nets
The feedback from our customers is unambiguous; MøreNot's nets are amongst the most stable on the market. Shrinkage is minimal when the netting and nets are treated correctly.

Knotless, ripple free netting
MøreNot was the first company in Norway to manufacture knotless, ripple free netting. This experience has enabled us to produce netting with high breaking strength compared to its weight. The Plexus® netting, made of Dyneema® fibers, and pure Dyneema® netting have enabled us to take our business a step further.

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