- Hardware-Free Mooring Frame



Flexilink is a result of Mørenot Aquaculture's 3 years research project together with Norwegian fish farmers and scientists from Sintef.

It is a patent-applied system for a hardware-free mooring frame. Mørenot Aquaculture is a pionees in offering this solution which;

  • Has 50 to 280 tons breaking load
  • Reduces the numbers of components in the mooring
  • Exludes mechanical abrasion
  • Reduces necessary inspections on the frame
  • Simplifies analyses (calculation)
  • Gives lower purchasing- and lifespan costs

The principle for the mooring has been used as a lifting device for years, but it has now been customized for moorings and got NS 9415 accreditation. The system is prefabricated for simple and safe installation.

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