Moresil, S.L

- Model 3700 PLUS - Olive Collector


The Olive Collector Moresil 3700 PLUS is designed to collect olives from the ground and then take them to desired location.
Its great manoeuvrability, due to an entirely hydraulic system, and its small size give the olive collector exceptional characteristics for collecting olives off the ground, with the sweeping system, in most of the existing olive groves.Performance of the machine, however, depends on the ground conditions, which is the key factor influencing performance in mechanised olive harvesting.With proper land management techniques, through preliminary planning of the production system, the potential performance of the olive collector is substantially better than that of the same olive collector in a grove that uses aggressive traditional land management techniques.

  • 4 cylinders diesel engine water cooled.
  • Hydrostatic four wheel drive.
  • Working width 1,90 m.
  • Container capacity 0,50 m3 approx.
  • Maximum unload height 2,10 m. approx.
  • Maximum height of the machine 1,10 m. approx.
  • Safety Arch.

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