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Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc.

Mortality Composters

Depending on needs, the composter may produce mature compost according to effective standards or be used as first-phase composting for stabilizing organic material. In this last case, the composter enables optimal aeration of composting material during the critical phase, where the potential for odour generation and oxygen consumption by micro-organisms are important. The second phase, which is mesophilic, is done in a pile or a windrow with or without mechanical aeration, depending on the operating mode and the type of material being composted. The second composting and ripening phase can be done under COMPOSTEX breathing covers or under a fixed shelter.

  1. Closed composting environment with the possibility of processing the fouled air;

  2. Ease of compost stiring and therefore, acceleration of the composting process;

  3. Reduction of problem odours by offering optimal composting conditions (protection from rain, maintaining the humidity level, etc.);

  4. Avoidance of leachate production and management;

  5. Blocking animal access;

  6. Composting in winter as in summer;

  7. Continuous or semi-continuous composter feeding;

  8. Ability to process all types of organic material;

  9. Reduce the required area needed for composting;

  10. Reduce the required time for composting operations.

AGF Brome’s composters have the advantage of being solid, simple to use and operational with minimal maintenance. Many options are available to meet the needs of each site. They are available in five formats, from 3.45 to 28.8 m3. Many units may be tied in together for processing greater volumes.

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