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- Model RCO - Pot & Tray Filler


The Mosa range of machinery is well established in the European market and the machinery has the reputation of being both reliable and solidly built. The RCO Filler is an example of this with its unequalled way of filling pots and trays through a former that can be simply exchanged for different requirements. The RCO system of filling also allows the pot to be dibbed or pressed (for an even finish) as required in the filling sequence. The Mosa RCO filler has also successfully filled deep and narrow tree cell trays, which shows the machine’s flexibility. As shown on the leaflet, the RCO Filler can work in conjunction with the Mosa tray de-stacker and pot de-nester system, whether on a square or diamond formation, suiting most tray types. We can replace the pot dispensing system with the option of a tray insert dispenser, making the RCO a flexible addition to your nursery. This unique volumetric filling system can be used in conjunction with the other Mosa equipment.

  • Versatile volume tray filler
  • Masks the tray/pot for compost delivery
  • Very accurate filling with adjustable compost volume
  • Dispenses pot into trays
  • Dibbs or presses the pot or tray as required

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