- Model TO55 - Needle Seeding Machine


The Mosa TO55 Needle Seeder seeds directly into the tray without drop tubes, giving no seed bounce and therefore accurate seeding - the tray has previously been dibbed by the TO55 before the seeds are placed into position. The seeder comes with 8 needle choices to give you the options you need when dealing with variations in seed. Constant seeding is offered with the conveyor input: no stopping or removing of trays is necessary with this in-line system. A total integrated system is hidden away in the cabinet, so no extra table is required. Adjustable-height feet are a feature of this machine for operator convenience when the machine is moved around. The TO55 maybe used on its own or couple with a tray filling machine. All that is required to start seeding is a 13 amp single-phase socket. The Mosa TO55 seeder may be programmed for a further 5 tray types, but you would require the extras: seed bar and dibber bar for the appropriate tray sizes.

  • Versatile needle seeder
  • Bullet Point Programmable for up to 99 tray configurations
  • Bullet Point Places seed directly into tray for accuracy
  • Bullet Point Adjusts to tray hight by simple lever
  • Bullet Point Fitted with dibber system which centralises the seed

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