- Smart Scale Cart


Made to weigh small animals (pigs, sheep, goats,etc), bulk feed or feed sacks, this versatile scale cart serves many purposes. The box can be removed easily (no tools required) to convert your box scale cart into a flatbed scale cart (pictured above). The scale carts pictured below have an optional 1/2″ thick durable plastic vertical slide gate on the end for easy clean-out. The box sides and ends can be be solid to hold grain or have see thru vertical bars or gates or whatever else you specify.

  • A Rice Lake IQplus390 DC indicator with 1″ high LCD display powered by six C-cell flashlight batteries or a 115VAC adaptor.
  • Scale readout is guaranteed accurate to 0.1% over the full capacity of the scale. This scale can be certified legal for trade! Contrast this to other scales that are only 1% or 2% accurate and you will see why Mosdal Scales are preferred by so many animal scientists.
  • One-Cell or Four-Cell designs are available.
    • One-Cell scales use only one loadcell (fewer parts), but are limited in overall capacity and scale platform size (up to 24″ wide x 24″ long).
    • Four-Cell scales use four loadcells (more parts) and therefore can handle more weight and have larger scale platforms.
  • The optional Livestock Weighing software program filters out animal movements, soft floor flex, and motor vibration.
  • 10″-16″ pneumatic tires make the scale easy to push and turn.
  • Heavy Duty Construction is utilized throughout. Mosdal Scales are the most durable and most reliable products on the market!
  • A 9″ x 13″ vet tray holds tools or a laptop.
  • Optional box inserts are available. Inserts can:
    • elevate animals to an easier work height.
    • suspend animals on a solid surface while allowing their manure to pass through the floor.
    • do whatever you want them to do!
  • All dimensions and features are fully customizable to your specifications!

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