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Mixed and applied as directed Mosquito Barrier repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, and gnats. It is also a deterrent for animals such as; armadillos, deer, field mice, geese and rabbits. All Natural & Safe: Mosquito Barrier is a very strong liquid garlic extract (over 99% garlic juice). It comes from a special variety of garlic which is many times more potent than the type found in grocery stores. Using liquid garlic as a repellent is not new, it has been used by master gardeners and farmers for many generations.

Mosquito Barrier Repellent

  • Mosquito Barrier Liquid Repellent is made in the USA.
  • All natural, biodegradable ingredients with no poisons.
  • Effective for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, black flies, gnats and other insects.
  • Use it safely on grass, turf, gardens, trees, flowers, vegetables, vines and more.
  • Safe to use around children, pets, fish, birds, bees and food products.
  • Properly mixed, 1 quart of concentrate covers 1.25 acres of grass or turf.
  • Properly mixed, 1 gallon of concentrate covers 5 acres of grass or turf.
  • Kills adult mosquitoes on contact, kills larvae in standing water.

Mosquito Barrier: The No-Chemical, No-Poison Answer to Your Mosquito Problem!

Mosquito Barrier is very strong liquid garlic made from very potent garlic cloves. The garlic used in Mosquito Barrier is a very powerful variety which is much more potent than the garlic found in grocery stores (in fact, our lab people here refer to it as 'super garlic'). Garlic has natural sulfur which repels mosquitoes. Spraying garlic to keep insects away is not something new; farmers and master gardeners have been doing it for many generations.

Since mosquitoes are soft-bodied insects the garlic juice can be very toxic to them in increased concentrations. The juice does not harm humans, pets or plants, but to mosquitoes it can be deadly. The odor of garlic chases them away for as long as they can detect the odor. The odor of sprayed garlic juice becomes undetectable to humans within minutes, but mosquitoes can detect odor as much as 10,000 times better than a human. So even though you can't smell the garlic, they can and they will stay away from the sprayed area for up to a month or longer. If the mosquitoes aren't in your yard, they can't get into your house.

Additionally, Mosquito Barrier, when mixed with canola oil (available at your local grocery store) plus the water, coats any standing water in the area with a very thin film of natural oil. This oil suffocates the mosquito larvae which can develop in standing water. Unlike harmful chemicals, Mosquito Barrier is a natural insect repellent that doesn't kill bees or butterflies and is completely safe for children, fish, birds, dogs, cats and other pets. Be careful of traditional chemical pesticides, they can kill more than mosquitoes.

Generally, four applications are enough for the entire mosquito season. Even in the heaviest of infestations the gallon size is almost always enough for the entire year for most homes.

Mosquito Barrier is a three pronged attack:

  1. It kills the adult mosquitoes.
  2. The garlic coated plants keep mosquitoes out of the area.
  3. It suffocates any mosquito larvae in standing water, such as puddles, under decks, water in tin cans or depressions in lawn, etc.

Mixing & Application:
Mosquito Barrier is designed to be diluted in water at a rate of 3 ounces per gallon of water. To help hold the Mosquito Barrier on waxy grasses and plants mix together the following for each gallon of water; 3 ounces of Mosquito Barrier, 2 ounces of vegetable or soybean oil and 1 ounce of liquid soap. Shake well and spray as directed. Note - you may have to strain the Mosquito Barrier to filter out any garlic solids before using in sprayer.

Apply in the early to mid morning hours or in the late afternoon hours. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day. Do not spray on windy days or when rain is expected within 48 hours. Use a heavy mist spray setting and spray all surfaces to run off. Make sure to spray the underside of plant leaves.

Coverage Rates:

When mixed as directed;

  • 1 quart covers 1.25 acres or is good for 2 applications on 1/2 acre plot.
  • 1 gallon covers 5 acres or is good for a full season of applications on 1/2 acre plot.

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