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Model D.P.G. - Trailed Vertical Mixer Wagon



The Vertical Mixer Wagon (or D.P.G.) facilitates the loading, mixing and distribution procedures in big farms using corn silage*. It is also suitable to work barley, sorghum and Italian ryegrass (only if finely chopped). Obtained by finely grounding or chopping green corn plants.

The vertical mixer wagon is an entirely oil-hydraulic system designed to be trailed to the tractor’s three-point hitch attachment.

Our Vertical Mixer Wagon’s dimensions are so contained that the operator will be able to keep the entire work-area at glance without leaving the tractor. The integrated auger with cutter helps upload the silage on the wagon. The wagon is provided with a “mixing tree”, a grain mixer that keeps stirring the silage as additional ingredients are added to the silage mixture (supplements, fodder, mineral salts).

The obtained mixture will be homogeneous, soft and particularly relished by the animals. The feed is distributed through an ear-shaped port at the right hand side of the wagon.

We can provide upon request a chain-trailed sewing system that distributes from both the sides of the wagon.

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