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Mounted Silage Harvester


The mounted silage harvester by Giordano is a machine that enables the loading, mixing, and distribution of corn silage into the barn (silage corn means product obtained by 'chaffing' or finely grinding the whole corn plant while still green); it can also work with other products such as barley, sorghum, and grass (ryegrass) provided that they are finely shredded. The machine is hitched onto the tractor at 3 points and is operated entirely hydraulically. The machine is simple to use and allows for easy maneuverability on unpaved land as well as asphalt due to its being carried at 3 points and not on wheels.

The machine's compact size allows the operator a complete view of the working area, in turn allowing for the control of all phases of work while remaining in the driver's seat on the tractor.

The machine has a silage cutter to load silage. Inside the machine container is a vacuum mixer (mixer shaft) that keeps the loaded silage moving and enables it to be mixed with other additional products (supplements, feed, and minerals).

The mixture obtained is uniform, soft, and palatable to animals. The product is distributed to the barn by a rotating screw that unloads the product on the right side of the machine.

An unloading device that can alternately allow the discharge of the product on both sides of the machine is possible upon request.

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