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Breaks up stubble and residue after harvest. Stimulates germination of volunteer grain and weed seed.

MOW-MASTER Harrow with Cutterbar

One-pass cut and harrow after harvest allows more efficient combining. Shorter residue makes for easier tillage and seeding. Cutting and harrowing residue speeds up decomposition. Stimulates grass growth and cleans out weeds in CRP ground.

Harrow Cart

Tongue and frame of 8'x6' heavy-duty steel tubing. Main wheels with 8-bolt hubs and 13.5 x 16.1 flotation tires. Wing beams of 8' x 8' heavy-duty steel tubing. Four wing wheels (two each transport and field) with 6-bolt hubs and 9.5 x 15 implement tires.

Harrow Sections

Five-bar construction with 9/16' x 26' heavy-duty torsion spring tines. Harrow carrier arm with parallel linkage to assure level travel. Tine angle adjustable with rear crank. Front and rear harrow mount bars adjustable separately. Control harrow downpressure from tractor to clear residue.

Flexible Floating Cutterbar

Double-sickle system: reciprocating sickle with 3' sections running over fixed 2' sections. Hydraulic motor drives (one per wing) on independent circuit, Raise and lower cutterbar from tractor cab. Cutterbar height adjustable from 4' to 14' above ground level. Flexible cutterbar follows ground contours with harrow.

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