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Vertical Bar Lift is standard on all ROWSE mowers. Cylinders are included. Constant Velocity Drive only one drive line, so you’ll get sharper turns and less PTO vibration. Available on “quick attach” mowers only.

ROWSE Plug Bundles…
are installed in the outer shoes to eliminate plugging and
are standard equipment. (With riveted sickles only.)

Sidewind Jack…
is standard equipment on ROWSE “quick attach” mowers
for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Superior Break-Away Assembly…
the cutter bar is protected by an automatic safety release. If an obstruction is hit, the mower bar breaks away reducing the chance of machine damage. Then simply back up the mower and the bar automatically relatches. Breakaway tension is adjustable for different field conditions.

V Belt Drive…
incorporates a 1 1/8″ 6 spline input shaft for added strength. The V belt pulley is secured to the shaft with 4 ¼” steel bolts.

Mainframe Castings…
have been reinforced for increased strength and durability.

Vertical Lift Assembly…

The Vertical Lift Assembly is a standard feature on all ROWSE mowers, allowing the cutter bar to be operated with the knife running at most any angle (shown bottom right). This allows the operator to hydraulically lower or raise the cutter bar for mowing ditches or hills. The bar may also be raised to a vertical position while passing posts, trees or other obstructions, without stopping to disengage the PTO drive. Care should be given however, that raised bar does not hit or hook obstructions.

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