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MP Cow Armektron Dynamic Herringbone milking parlors are one of the most practical milking systems worldwide. They ensure comfortable, without stress, easy entry of the animals to the milking positions and direct exit without any obstacles. They offer better view and access to the udder and the time required for the milking is reduced. MP Cow Armektron Dynamic Herringbone can be combined both with the simple milking equipment and full electronic herd management. They are also available with pneumatically operated fast exit thus reducing the entry time and the overall power consumption, offering animals more time to rest between milking.

Sizes of milking systems
MP Cow Armektron Dynamic Herringbone milking parlors are available in sizes from 1 x3 to 2x24

Cow milking positions
Cow milking position at an angle of 32° for better access during milking, close to the milking pit and with a distance between animals 1150mm.

Individual feeding troughs
Option for feeding in the milking parlour with individual 20kg galvanized feeding troughs galvanized individual 20 kg feeding troughs

Ladder in the milking pit with special handle and anti-slip steps.

Kick rail
Kick rail 3mm plate used for the protection of the farmers and the milking equipment against kicks and dung.

Robust construction
Robust construction made of hot dipped galvanized pipes 50x4mm with high corrosion resistance

Chest bar
Reinforced front chest bar of 3mm thickness, adjustable up to 5cm.

Pneumatic doors
Mechanical or automatic pneumatic entry/exit doors

Protective sheets
Galvanized 2mm thick protective sheets individual per cow position.

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