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- Model 200-1.000 lt - Heat Recovery Unit from the Milk Cooling Tanks


The MP EcoHeat by Milkplan is the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for supplying hot water to the dairy farm on a daily basis. The MP EcoHeat recovery unit uses the heat radiated by the refrigeration units of the milk cooling tanks to constantly heat fresh water. The energy consumption is zero and for years there will be virtually no other cost, but the price of the unit.

In addition to providing hot water, the installation of a heat recovery unit contributes to the higher performance of the cooling units of the milk cooling tanks that operate around the clock under diverse environmental conditions. Milkplan is widely appreciated for the high quality of its Milk Cooling Tanks -the MP Vertitank and MP Powertank series. The company's expertise in manufacturing heavy duty, fully insulated vessels is extensively applied to the MP EcoHeat heat recovery units to provide the milk producer and processer with hard working, long life, easy to use and value for money solutions. To meet the needs of different dairy farms, Milkplan provides heat recovery units with capacities from 200 to 1000lt, which can heat water up to 70o C. All models are equipped with temperature indicators and an electric powered module as a heating alternative.

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