Multi Pump Innovation (MPI)

- Model 85 dB), 70-800 LPM / 220-320bar - Diesel Driven High Pressure Canopy Units


MPI delivers quality pumps from manufacturer Hughes Pumps Ltd, England. Huges Pumps Ltd. has extensive experience with development / production of pumps for use in saltwater. Our pumps can be used up to 1000 bar in salt water without major problems. It means that we also get an unusually long life with 200 - 300 bar pressure.

We use the same pump head from 200 bar and up to 1400 bar.

The pumps that are used for salt water, has an acid-resistant 316 Stainless Steel pump head. With the combination of low rpm (400-500rpm) and acid-resistant pump head, this gives a lifetime of 7-15 years, depending on the service and maintenance.

The aggregates are delivered in a closed cabinet of solid steel, and are protected with a 2-component offshore paint. They are sound-proof down to 85dB.

It is possible to outfit/equip the unit with air-guided pressure valve and hydraulic hose reel. 
If you do not have air available, we can mount on a separate air compressor on the engine.

There are mounted several water filter, which ensures that the pump gets the optimal water quality. By limited water supply the motor automatically stops so that the pump is not subjected to cavitation.
A separate feed pump to ensure optimal supply of water. 

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