Model MPS1 - Professional Seedling Substrate



MPS1 is a fine-structure mix for germination, for trays and blocking, for manual and automatic filling. This is the mix for growing young vegetable and ornamental plants from seed. The peat moss has been screened, the particle size is 0-6 mm. The structure of the substrate is suitable for automatic filling of trays. For tenaciousness and for inhibiting water evaporation the substrate includes in majority black peat and a small part of white peat for root aeration and better water absorption. pH of the substrate is adjusted to 5.2-6.0. For better rewetting, the substrate includes wetting agent. This substrate can be used in greenhouses, as well as for open-air plant production. The substrate includes starter fertiliser, nutrient level is average to meet the needs of a very wide choice of plants. The product is available in non-compressed bags and also big bales. Palletised ready products are shipped in sea containers or trucks. Makes your plants grow better!

Suggestions for use

  • For seedlings of vegetables and ornamental plants
  • Trays, small pots

Chemical characteristics
pH  5.2-6.0
N  100-165 mg/l
P2O5  115-190 mg/l
K2O  130-215 mg/l
EC  0.7 mS/cm
Trace elements  included

Structure  0-6 mm
Density  300-320 kg/m3
Absorption  4-6 times its own weight of dry matter
Dry substance  80 g/l
Moisture  40-60%

Species  Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content  Min 85%
Ash content  Max 15%

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