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Model MR-700 - Maize Headers



The Moresil maize head can be adapted to any combine harvester, achieving high performance with minimum maintenance. It is available both fixed and retractable, and from 2 to 12 rows, which clients can configure to meet their needs.

Stalk Chopper
The stalk chopper is located in an advanced position under the harvesting rolls which allows it to chop the  lants since the beginning of harvesting, leaving the stubble uniformly short.

The stalk chopper is equipped with an individual clutch, with which you can achieve a maximum overload protection and guarantees its reliability under all harvesting conditions.

This new design of chopper achieves a low requirement of power from the combine.

Gearbox-proven reliability with hardened steel gears and bathed in specific lubricant for gear, incorporates a clutch for protection in case of overload, which can be regulated independently from the clutch of the chopper.

The harvesting rollers are fitted with 6 replaceable blades of special anti-wearing material. Also it is offered optionally rolls with blades opposite to each other. They have a lubrication system on the end that doesn’t require maintenance.

Feeding-chains have a closed ring and they have a special backstop pusher. A new design tensor maintains the correct strain and also allows to change the chains with minimal effort.

Harvesting-plates manually, hydraulically or electrically adjustable.

Reinforced chain drive, adjusted with a self-adjustable tensor in a sealed case bathed in lubricant which ensures a long lasting operation. This system ensures precise adjustment of the revs for each harvester. The headers can be optionally equipped with a group of gears.

  • Stalk Chopper.
  • Auger in one or both sides of the header.
  • Upper chain with chain tensioner and mechanical action.
  • Sunflower harvesting kit.
  • Polyetilene hoods and ends.
  • Platform stalk crusher.
  • Transmission gearbox.
  • Harvesting plates hydraulically or electrically adjustable.

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