Model MR - Lifter Units



With the MR lifter units, HOLMER offers 8- and 9-row lifter units with impressive practical advantages:

  • Smooth running due to the ideal drawn arrangement of the share bodies

  • The best possible view of the topper, scalper and lifter units

  • Each row offers fully automatic adjustments for uneven ground, with a working width of more than 5 m

  • 7 hydraulically reversible lifter roller with automatic reverse lifting

  • Automatic steering is possible even during the first lifting cycle

  • Provides the basis for enormous lifting performance with significant fuel savings

  • Modular structure provides a wide range of row spacing options

The fast-coupling frame developed and patented by HOLMER, HOLMER EasyConnect, expands the previous mechanical systems with an automatically coupled hydraulic and electric supply interface.

Impressive benefits:

  • Greater machine efficiency thanks to reduced set-up times
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to convenient coupling and uncoupling from the driver’s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical)
  • Additional comfort due to elimination of heavy, rigid elements requiring manual coupling
  • No risk of confusion when connecting hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Driver assistance and system protection

MR lifter with adjustable-height roller track and single-row units in various numbers of rows and row spacing, up to a working width of 5.00 m

  •  Combined with integral toppers and the HOLMER EasyConnect fast coupling system, as well as a transport vehicle for road transport
  • 70 mm linear side to side motion of all share pairs toward one another
  • EasyLift: Automatic depth control of the individual rows (optional)
  • Reversible lifter rolls, automatic reversing system


  • 7 long helical rollers
  • 4 short helical rollers

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