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Model MRL-PC - Automatic Firewood Handling & Stocking Systems



Handling and stocking the worked firewood have always implied difficulties and high costs for the wood sector. The MRL-PC automatic systems for firewood handling and stocking have brilliantly solved this problem by completely eliminating the labour costs. These systems consist of a series of special flat and/or slanting conveyors that draw the sawed and cleaved firewood from the producing machine and convey it to the storehouse. While opening automatically towards the conveyors interior, a series of doors unload the firewood in preset points. The system can be provided with an automatic bridge crane equipped with a movable belt conveyor carriage with bi-directional rotation, able to unload the firewood in other preset points or in whichever point of the storehouse. An electronic control system ensures the highest safety conditions during machine operation. Handling is also possible by manual electric controls.

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