Model MRS - Activity Measuring Transponder



Insentec BV has deveoped a leg transponder, especially for dairy farms. With the MRS (Motion Registration System) it’s not only possible to identify a cow, but also to measure the cow’s activity. By this the user has the possibility to screen the herd activity most accurate. Besides that the system has been developed to do a precise forecast concerning the cow’s heat by means of the values measured.

The principle of the MRS transponder relies on a step counter with a memory chip. This transponder records every step of the cow. Subsequently these steps are saved in periods. The length of each period is 96 minutes. In total the MRS can save 15 values a day. When the transponder of an animal is read at an MRS antenna, the new activity details are recorded in the process computer. These are put in the transaction buffer. These details are then directly available on the management PC, as soon as the Ceres communicator is on-line. All visits are saved separately. This means that each activity period (15 per day) gets its own record in the table. With this data a graphic can be made. This graphic shows the number of steps/activity over time.

The most important advantages of the MRS system are:

  • Independency of fixed visits:
  • The transponder records the activity over 15 periods during the day. By this the heats peak is clearly visible and very accurate.
  • The combination of a reliable registration in small periods and user-friendly software, gives the user a very important tool to determine the right moment for insemination
  • The MRS transponder is located at the front leg of the cow. Activity registration gives very reliable results. Lower activity indicates problems with cow health or hoof problems.
  • Because of the format and the construction of the transponder the cow has little to no hindrance at carrying the MRS transponder.
  • No expensive and time consuming replacement of batteries
  • 3 years warranty on the transponder

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