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Model MS-1000 - Bulk Feed Mixer



The MS-1000 Mixer is designed for preparation of bulk (dry) mixes for all farm animals. The mixer can work with the H965/1 suction-force beat grinder and with a set of POJ-PASZ feed containers. The mixer consists of a steel casing with a funnel at the 65 angle, mounted on a triangle base. A spiral conveyor, installed vertically inside the casing, transports the material from the bottom to the top several times thus mixing it thoroughly

Usable capacity  2000 liters
Load capacity (mixture of 0.5 kg/litre consistency)  1000 kg
Total height  2.1 m
Cylindrical part diameter  1.44 m
Minimum height of a room  2.95 m
Weight  190 kg
Approximate mixing time of a portion  ~20 min
Engine rated power  1.5 kW
Supplying Voltage  3x380V/50Hz

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