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- Model MS 24 - Ultra-Compact Seeder


The MS 24 has been specially designed for sowing on finelyprepared soils, when you’ve got a reduced working-space (e.g. when sowing under tunnels, or when you want to sow with a narrow gap between rows). Naturally, it also has the features that make EBRA seed-drills success : versatility, change crops in a few minutes, depth setting by hinged frame.

Length 75 cm For reduced spaces
The MS 24 exists in 1 to 6 rows mounted on a simple beam frame, and from 2 to 11 rows on a double-line frame. Mounted on a double-line frame with the units in staggered rows, it allows an inter-row spacing of 12 cm! More generally, its compact size makes it very suitable for reduced spaces such as tunnels or glass-houses, and also allows for mounting between the axles of a tool-carrier, on a cultivator, a micro-tractor, a soil-working machine (combined seeding).

Independent seeding units
Each seeding unit is comprised of an inclined aluminium distribution plate (see “The Principle” section) which is driven independently by the unit’s wheel. In this way, the units are completely independent from each other : this allows very easy modification of the number of lines and the inter-row spacing as well as giving the option of sowing different crops from one row to the next in one pass.

It follows the seed-bed perfectly
Each of the seeding-units of the MS 24 rests on its 2 wheels. In this way, the seeder follows the irregularities of the terrain perfectly. A seeding unit can be easily removed or moved by simply unscrewing two bolts. This allows, for example the inter-row spacing to be modified, to switch from ridge sowing to drill sowing.

Easy to use
This is one of the main advantages that EBRA seed-drills are noted for they’re easy to use :

  • change the plate or set the density in just a few minutes – without needing any tools
  • very accurate setting of the depth – without needing any tools
  • complete flexibility of the number of rows, as well as the spacing between rows
  • instant emptying drain-shutter
  • low traction-power required : a mini-tractor is enough

Technical specifications   
For 1 unit:
Length: 75 cm Width: 24 cm Height: 45 cm Weight: 15 Kg – Square-beam (60 mm) chassis with optional carrying wheels (they don’t affect the quality of the sowing) -
Standard: 19 depth settings by interchangeable sprockets – depth setting by screw-in lever – instant-emptying drain shutter – 3 L aluminium hopper adjustable, removable skimmers. Width of seed-drill: 1.50 m (other widths as options)
Optional: Double line frame beam for sowing reduced interrow spaces

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