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Model MS 8100 - Vacuum Precision Planters



This planter is characterized for its simple structure and does not require specific adjustments. Planters are very compact because planting units are directly mounted on the tool bar and have a low overhanging weight. Various number of planting units can be mounted, according to the width of the tool bar and the distance between the rows.


  • from 2 rows 75 cm to 8 rows 45 cm-rigid tool bar
  • from 8 rows 75 cm to 12 rows 45 cm-double rigid tool bar

The sowing elements are mounted directly on the bearing frame, resulting in a very compact machine with reduced overhanging weight.

Varying numbers of sowers can be mounted, according to the width of the frame and the inter-row distance.

  • Cardan shaft
  • Gear box. 21 ratios
  • Hydraulic row marker
  • 1 set of seed plate each machine
  • Vacuum meter
  • Seed emptying collector
  • Fixed partition small seeds
  • PTOkitfor540RPM
  • Spring attachment to lighten the planting units
  •  'V' shaped 1' rubber closing wheels

  • Fertilizer hoppers from 170 to 215 liters
  • Fertilizer hoppers extension to 800 liters
  • Pneumatic fertilizer with a single 1000 liter tank
  • Microgranulate hoppers 12 - 25 liters
  • PTO kit for 1000 RPM
  • Seed plates for special seeds
  • Seeding monitor
  • Cur-off device for one or more planting rows
  • Excluding rows with the control unit
  • Hectare counter CNT7
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Liquid herbicide applicator
  • Capacity of seed tank 70 liters
  • V-closing 2' wheels with adjustable rolling angle
  • 'V shaped closing wheels for heavy soil

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