Machinefabriek Steketee BV

Model MS1 - Multi Spray Machine



The Steketee Multispray is specially developed for weed control in all row crops. This method enables applying Round-Up on crops. The Multispray is best mounted on the tractor front in combination with the Steketee Front Linkage Device. The Multispray consists of a bearer with two furrow wheels and drawbar points for mounting on the front linkage device. Elements consisting of adjustable U-profiles are fitted to the bearer. This U-profile protects the crop from the pesticide used. A spraying set with self-closing spray nozzle is mounted in between these U-profiles. The self-closing cap has a Lo-Drift nozzle. Utilising a Lo-Drift nozzle reduces the spray drift considerably. The spray set can be continuously adjusted in height. The machine is completed witch a header plus close textured filter. The Multispray assembly is protected by toothed plates at the front and lateral sides.

  • To be used in ridge cultivation
  • Environmentally friendly weed control, both as a means and a method.
  • Huge savings in labour costs in the fight against volunteer potatoes
  • Large capacity per hectare.
  • In combination with row spraying, huge reduction of harmful soil herbicides (up to 90%)
  • Control of all root-propagated weeds
  • Saving pesticide costs
  • Simple reliable machine
  • The system is particularly suitable for: maize, beet, chicory, unions, Belgian endive and seed flowers.

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