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Mueller OH


The Mueller Model *OH' Milk Cooler HIPerForm package Includes a mik cooler ol superior design and craftsmanship, a trouble-free refrigeration system (either air-cooled or the revolutionary .-re-Heater}, precharged Insulated refrigerant tubing, and the exclusive Mueller Matte Automatic Washing System. The evaporator (cooling plete) on the Model* 'OH' and 'MHL- is the same patented design Inflated type Mueller Temp-Plata Heat Transfer Surface that has proven superior for years to the preformed, channel type col or copper tubing.
Coolers ordered with dual or triple reHgeratJon units are provided wtth a selector switch which makes It possible for the refrigeration unit connected to the cooling plate in the bottom of the cooler to be operated independently of the other unite. This allows the user to conserve electrical energy during periods of low mlk production.

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