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Mueller processors and pasteurizers are designed for maximum operating efficiency in the heating and cooling of a variety of dairy, beverage, food, and chemical processing applications. Model 'PCP' has a flat-pitched bottom with accessible side outlet. Model 'PCPC' is for use with more viscous liquids and features a 120º cone bottom with a center outlet.

  • Stainless steel outer jacket and interior sidewall with No. 4 finish for sanitation and ease in cleaning.
  • Full sidewall and bottom Temp-Plate heat transfer surface assures optimum performance.
  • Two inches of low-chloride, sidewall and bottom-head insulation for minimum heat transfer loss.
  • Agitator assembly with bottom guide and two-speed, 460-volt, 60-hertz, 3-phase gear motor and fixed baffle.
  • Adjustable, stainless steel legs with ball feet.
  • Stainless steel pipe connections for external zone-control valves allow processing of partial batches.
  • 18-inch Mueller Model MC-4 low profile hinged with single, quick latch manway assembly.
  • Removable, no-foam inlet assembly.
  • D10F outlet valve flange connection only.
  • Projectile wells for indicating and recording thermometer probes.
  • Three-inch air vent.
  • Removable and adjustable CIP assembly with dual spray ball tee.
  • Stainless steel ladder with top platform step.
  • 3A stamped.

  • Pasteurizer package includes a D10FL leak-detector outlet valve, air space heater, and thermometer connection which adds pasteurization capabilities to all standard processor units.
  • Steam controls and water controls for heating and cooling systems, and manifold assembly with zone-control valves.
  • Custom-designed agitation and baffle systems to meet specific mixing or processing requirements. Various models range from the agitation required for heavy-bodied, viscous products to the gentle stirring action needed in handling delicate products.
  • Indicating and recording thermometer.
  • Sight- and light-glass assemblies.
  • Inoculation ports.
  • Construction from different alloys to meet product compatibility.
  • CIP spray devices.
  • Hinged covers.

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