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Mueller Model 'SVW' silos provide the ultimate in product protection during storage and their vertical design allows maximum product storage in a minimum of space. Mueller is the only silo manufacturer to go to the time and expense to offer a stud-welded, circumferentially banded bottom construction which guarantees against fatigue, and are willing to back it up with an extended warranty. Mueller is also very proud to offer the first patented, fully CIP-able horizontal agitator that meets the requirements of 3A sanitary standard 22-07 and the USDA Dairy Grading Branch Survey Program. We offer shop fabricated silos through 70,000 gallons or field-erected, USDA-accepted, 3A-approved silos through hundreds of thousands of gallons.

  • Popular sizes available for immediate delivery from stock.
  • Available in 5,000- through 70,000-gallon capacities.
  • Larger models can be field-erected through Mueller Field Operations, Inc.
  • Flat-pitched bottom - cross braced, stud welded, and circumferentially banded for extra strength under capacity loads and to prevent inner bottom movement.
  • Inner liner is Type 304 stainless steel with large radius corners and a No. 4 finish for sanitation and cleaning ease.
  • Three-inch, rigid insulation on sides; 3-inch fiberglass on top; and 3-inch, foam insulated outer bottom.
  • Standard exterior is carbon steel, prime painted.
  • Designed for pad mounting on a flat concrete base.
  • Stainless steel alcove, 60' x 60' x 20'.
  • Insulated manway door with product sampling valve.
  • CIP system with vented door, separate vent line with screens, and a fail-safe device for vacuum protection.
  • Horizontally mounted, USDA-accepted, mechanical agitator system built to 3A sanitary standard 22-07.
  • Inlet connection.
  • Outlet connection.
  • Dial thermometer well.
  • Recording thermometer wells.
  • Liquid level-gauge connection for constant monitoring of fluid volume.
  • Seismic designed per UBC '97. Other seismic codes available upon request.
  • Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface (on Model 'SVW') provides precise, consistent temperature control. Standard design maintains 40 degrees for a variety of products.
  • Heat tape and insulation on CIP and vent lines for added safety against freeze-up.

  • 316L stainless steel inner for added durability.
  • Stainless steel or painted exterior finishes for protection and enhanced appearance.
  • Refrigeration controls can be included.
  • Ladders, catwalks, and/or circumferential guardrails to provide additional personnel safety.
  • Vertical agitation systems when required for special product applications for silos up to 40,000 gallons.
  • Mounted on legs with or without adjustable feet.
  • Calculations by registered professional engineers.
  • Vacuum breaker loop for CIP line for added vacuum protection.

Mueller's patented, USDA-accepted, horizontal agitator is cleaned in place and complies with 3A sanitary standards for silo-type storage tanks for milk and milk products. The agitator and seal assembly do not require removal from the tank for cleaning as is required for other horizontal agitators currently available. The newly designed agitator is satisfactory for use in plants that are accepted for the USDA Dairy Grading Branch Survey Program.

This design is also capable of fully separating all sealing surfaces for periodic inspection without the need to remove the agitator shaft. For cleaning, simply open the manway door, install the CIP door and attachment assembly, turn on the agitator, and start your CIP cycle. There's no need to loosen or remove the shaft, thus eliminating the confined space entry procedure.

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