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The initial purpose is to help the soil retain heat, allowing early sowing and transplantation of certain crops and encourages faster growth. As the season progresses, ridging has different effects on soil: stabilizes temperature, avoiding heat fluctuations during summer conditions variables; moisture, reducing evaporation; used to control pests preventing weeds germinate due to lack of sunlight; adding nutrients to the soil, because of the gradual breakdown of the material.

  • Maintains soil moisture by reducing evaporation, which in addition to saving water consumption, enables the plant roots find enough shallow moisture.
  • Due to the formation of surface moisture, nutrients washing is reduced.
  • Improving the thermal conditions of the root system of the plant, increasing soil temperature during the day, while at night, to hinder the departure of infrared radiation from the Earth’s surface, retaining some of the heat. This property results in a higher temperature compared to bare ground and damping fluctuations, which confers earliness cultivation.
  • For increasing temperature and soil moisture, the nitrification process is favored.
  • The cover acts as a barrier between the soil and the fruits, so that health problems, especially rots are reduced.
  • If the cover used is opaque, the lack of sunlight prevents the development of weeds that compete with crops for water and nutrient resources.

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