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Whatcom Mulchers are specially designed for fast and easy mulch applicataion saving time and money. Our Mulchers are designed from the ground up with the farmer in mind. It is available in multiple sizes with numerous options and features built to accommodate all applications for use with sawdust, shavings, manure, solids, etc…

he standard front unload E model machine uses the tractor PTO for the discharge belt drive, and the tractors hydraulics to run the floor chain.

The H model is all hydraulic drive, the tractor PTO runs a pump that feeds fluid from the wagons hydraulic tank through flow control valves so you can independently adjust the speed of the discharge belt and the floor chain.

The rate of application and distance of spread is fully adjustable (H model) regardless of machine ground speed. This way you get a very uniform ground coverage with very little wasted. The variable speed discharge belt pours mulch material onto rows and deflector slats can be adjusted to vary width of band strip coverage of row.

Whether mulching for weed control, fertilization, or moisture evaporation this labor and time saving machine will enhance crop production for easy investment payoff.

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