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M-C shredders have a long history of reliable performance.Solid construction provides years of reliable service.  Long known as the heaviest built shredder in the industry, the M-C shredder comes with a lifetime warranty against knife breakage. Recent improvements to the cover assembly provide farmers easier service access for basic maintenance, resulting in a cleaner and safer operating machine.

  • 8-5/8” diameter rotor with heavy 5/16” wall thickness is dynamically balanced for many years of smooth, trouble-free service.
  • Low rotor speed (1074 RPM) means lower horsepower requirements to maintain operating levels. The low power requirement saves fuel!
  • Heavy duty 1,000 RPM gear box-type housing/body agitates the flow of material through the machine for most efficient and thorough shredding action. Heavy duty gearbox drives the precision balanced rotor through a multi-grove “V” belt drive system on side of machine…one on each end, drives the 20’ models. No center hanger bearings on 15’ models means no skips and fewer moving parts to service and maintain.
  • Solid steel rotor shaft rides in large 2-3/16” bearings at each end. External lubrication points are conveniently located. Bearings are protected from dirt and foreign material by an anti-wrap seal system.
  • Heavy duty flat back idler keeps smooth and constant belt tension during start-up, operation and shut down.
  • Channels welded in top of housing stiffen the body and restrict the flow, creating additional shredding.
  • Replaceable front cover
  • Adjustable front cutter bar for clearance between front housing and forward swing of knives create more shredding and protect the front cover from wear and abuse.
  • Patented quick-change knife hanger assembly is hot formed from special alloy steel and heat treated for superior strength and wear.
  • Heated Treated Allow Steel Knives are standard, and extra wide to overlap and cut all the material. Knives are bolted to the hangers and are easily replaced or re-sharpened. Hard surface knives are optional.

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