- Multi-Feed System


The Mosdal Multi-Feed System utilizes an auger-scale unit (blue & white) driven on an electric pallet jack (yellow) with exchangeable hoppers (white). The whole assembly can be easily maneuvered down aisles, around corners, or up inclines with the pallet truck. Hoppers can be built to hold up to 2000 lbs of feed. A major benefit of this system is that the hopper boxes can be easily exchanged by lowering the forks of the pallet truck and backing away from the box. Then the unit can be easily cleaned and repositioned to pick up the next hopper box.

Stop buying and handling feed sacks!

Save your money, your time, and your back. This Multi-Feed Scale System effortlessly dispenses feed accurately to 0.1% of full scale capacity (typically 0.2 lb increments over a 1000 lb capacity). It is also customizable to work in almost any facility and typically pays for itself within the first 2-3 years (based on feed sack and labor savings).

Multi-Feed System Features:

  • Multiple Feed System with Exchangeable Hopper Boxes
  • The unloading auger is powered by the rechargeable batteries on the pallet truck. Standard batteries operate the system for up to 4 hours continuously. An optional industrial grade battery can operate the system for up to 8 hours continuously.
  • A weight indicator with 1″ high LCD display powered by six C-cell flashlight batteries and features an adjustable automatic shut down.
  • Scale readout is guaranteed accurate to 0.1% over the full capacity of the scale. This scale can be certified legal for trade. Contrast this to other scales that are only 1% or 2% accurate and you will see why Mosdal Scales are preferred by so many animal scientists and professionals around the world.
  • The optional LiveWeigh software program filters out movements, soft floor flex, and motor vibration.
  • Heavy Duty Construction is utilized throughout. Mosdal Scales are the most durable and most reliable products on the market!
  • An optional 9″ x 13″ vet tray holds tools or a laptop.
  • Hopper boxes can be customized with 400-2000 lb. capacities.
  • Optional lids for the hopper boxes can protect unused feeds from the elements.
  • An optional flatbed scale platform or cage can be furnished to weigh small pigs, lambs, or new calves.
  • All dimensions and features are fully customizable to your specifications to fit your aisles and doorways.

We also offer a similar product without exchangeable boxes for handling single feed rations.

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