Multi Purpose Crop Thresher


Specifications: Crop Thresher with reservory It both can work on Pulley- belt system or by the use of a shaft. Thresher with Reservory both can work on pulley – belt system by the use or a cardan shaft driven by pto of tractor. It works out wee, barley, oats, and rye and similar products productively and fast.Our threshers can harvest all kinds of cereals like;wheat,barley,sorghum and others like chickpea,beans etc. Agromaster Crop Thresher is suitable for making the stems so small and soft  that the animals can be fed easily. With additional apparatuses you also can harvest lentil chickpea, broad bean etc. kind of products too. The proportion of cleaning is app. 99 % and broken seed proportion is 01 %.

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